Project Description

Behind the Scenes - A Roaring 20's Affair

A quick word from Crystal
“Creating this ad was more than just putting a couple images on a page and calling it a day. This was an experience. Myself, the owner of the GORGEOUS Model A, and the 3 Stage Lighting team got together one evening and decided to get crazy and light the Model A. I took some photos without the intention (at the time) for them being used in the program for the 22nd Art Auction and Gala hosted by Arts Benicia, but rather for them to just be used for future marketing material. Imagine my surprise when they fit perfectly with the Gala’s theme! In addition to creating the program, I was invited to attend the auction — seeing the programs in action, and people leaving them open to the 3SL ad, was something I won’t forget. That and all the fun antics that took place that evening!”