Project Description

Behind the Scenes

A note from Crystal
“I took the opportunity to have a little fun integrating Elayne & Jason’s first initials to incorporate the iconic Napa Valley, along with illustrating them joining together to become husband and wife. The day of the setup, I had the opportunity to be on site for the install of the lighting. The lighting company encountered a rare situation due to the architecture of the cave venue — Which way should we face the monogram? The lead lighting designer mentioned that a majority of photography shots would be of the bride and groom at the head table or dancing in front of the head table, so we all decided to have it face away from the head table. It worked out perfectly!! All the guests and the photographer could take clear shots with the custom monogram legible underneath their feet.”

Designed by Crystal for a Napa Valley wedding in 2014.

Special thanks to 3 Stage Lighting for giving light to this gobo.

Venue: Meritage Napa Valley

Season: End of Summer/Beginning of Autumn

Inverse of Monogram